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The law firm of Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C. is recognized in the legal community for our skill and knowledge in guardianship matters. When you enlist us to address a guardianship issue, you can be confident that you have chosen a trusted law firm that understands the personal and complex nature of these cases.

Establishment of Guardianship

We represent individuals, public governmental entities and professional fiduciaries seeking to become guardians. Because Nevada requires that a guardian be a resident of the State of Nevada, oftentimes it is necessary to utilize the services of a professional fiduciary either as the guardian or as a co-guardian, who serves along with a nonNevada resident. We also serve as registered agent in some instances where the proposed guardian is not a resident of Nevada.  We also provide legal representation of relatives or other interested persons who are concerned about whether the potential guardian is the best fit for their loved one.

At our law firm, we take a hands-on approach to these matters, which means we start by listening. We will listen and learn about the relationship between the potential guardian and the ward. We will learn about the needs and expectations of the ward, family and other concerned individuals. We will offer careful feedback regarding options and the steps that ought to be considered.

In order to obtain guardianship over an adult proposed protected person, a Physician’s Certificate with Needs Assessment must be completed by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant or an  approved Nevada governmental agency. (EMBED FORM) A guardianship over a minor does not require a physician’s finding of incompetency as a minor is by law deemed incompetent.

There are several different types of guardianships: guardianship of the person, of the estate; summary guardianships; temporary and permanent guardianships; and most recently, a legal alternative to a guardianship under NRS 162C - Supported Decision-Making Act.  The nuances and factual variety of these options are too numerous to address.  However, they may be discussed in detail in an initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Disputes Over Guardianship

While establishment of guardianship is often a straight-forward process, that is not always the case. Disputes can arise. When they do, we will help you understand and assert your rights.

Our lawyers can represent you in guardianship proceedings involving allegations of exploitation, theft and other issues. When cases become complex, we do not need to send you to more experienced attorneys. We are the more experienced attorneys. Other law firms send their complex cases to us.

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