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Some Key Documents Should Be Considered Before Sending Your Child Off to College

A critical item is often missing from back-to-school college checklists — and it could be far more valuable than anything else your student takes to school this fall: signed legal documents.
09/03/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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How Much Money Can a Well Spouse Keep If Medicaid is Needed?

The intent of the laws and regulations is to allow the community spouse to have enough income and assets, so that he or she has enough income and assets to continue to live at home, whether that be a home, an apartment, or other living place.
09/02/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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The Biggest Health Mistakes Seniors Make

As we age, our health risks increase. After all, none of us is going to live forever.
08/26/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is designed to protect your loved ones’ financial security if you pass away.
08/24/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Do Young Adults Need a Will?

These days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by many things such as politics, gas prices, the gyrating stock market, summer travel, heatwaves and your health. One thing that shouldn’t overwhelm you is estate planning.
08/23/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Will Inflation Have Impact on My Retirement?

Inflation hurts everyone. It seems to reach every sector, product and business in one way or another, whether it raises the cost of heating your home, lunches or road trips. However, if you’re a retiree, you may be particularly worried about inflation because your spending habits and income sources might be disproportionately exposed to inflation.
08/22/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Do You Need a Power of Attorney?

When it comes to a power of attorney document, you don't seem to need it – until you suddenly, desperately do.
08/15/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Why You Need a Digital Asset Estate Plan

…Ajemian’s account became the source of a nearly decade long legal battle that raised a salient question: Who can access your digital accounts after your death?
08/12/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Why Is Medicare Enrollment Confusing?

This report confirms that most older adults find Medicare enrollment confusing and lack adequate resources or support to choose the best plan.
08/11/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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What If Your Spouse Refuses Estate Planning?

I’m looking for guidance on where to start with planning, in case something happens to me or my husband.
08/10/22 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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