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What Is the Purpose of an Executor?

Being named as an executor in a loved one’s Last Will and Testament is a big responsibility. It is important to understand what you are agreeing to before you step into the role as executor.
05/13/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Estate Planning Requires Clear Direct Language, or Does It?

Contrary to what you might expect, using precatory language such as ‘I wish’ or ‘I hope’ can play an important part in three estate planning objectives.
05/12/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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What are Pros and Cons of a Marital Trust?

A marital trust is a complex estate planning tool that should be crafted carefully. Because of its tax benefits, you should work closely with an experienced estate planning attorney to ensure that the marital trust is established properly.
05/11/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Protect Cryptocurrency in Your Estate Plan

Cryptocurrency has become a new wrinkle in the development of an estate plan.
05/10/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Protecting Assets with a Trust vs. Limited Liability Company

To protect assets effectively, you have to store them in the right legal entity. However, that can depend on whether you’re looking to protect business assets, avoid estate taxes, or protect personal assets from legal liability while running a business.
05/09/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Health Care Proxy Pitfalls: Avoiding the Biggest Blunders

Everyone age 18 and over should have a health care proxy document signed (think children off to college, and yourself, not just an elderly parent).
05/05/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Revocable Trusts Must Be Funded to Make Estate Plan Work

The primary benefits of revocable trusts only are available if a revocable trust is FUNDED during life. Unfortunately, experienced estate planning attorneys often have clients who delay the funding of their revocable trusts until it is too late and miss many of the benefits that these trusts provide.
05/04/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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Estate Taxes: Essential Information You Should Know

Knowing the tax rules can help you pass on more of your money to your loved ones while minimizing taxes.
05/03/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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How a Special Needs Trust Protects Loved Ones

While it may not seem necessary when a special needs child is young, setting up a trust to ensure their financial stability is better to be done sooner rather than later.
05/02/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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What Exactly Is Probate Court?

A formal probate process involves specific, usually straightforward steps. Issues that may arise during the process can lengthen the time it lasts until it is closed by the court.
05/01/23 • by: Goldsmith & Guymon, P.C.
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